Tofu Fettuccine Alfredo

I never used to be a great cook but alhamdulilah hubby has says I have gotten a lot better mashaAllah!

We had tofu fettuccine alfredo

I sauteed the tofu with onion and seasoned it.

The awesome thing about the tofu was that it was already cubed :) hubby made my job much easier.

After sauteing the tofu until the onion became transparent I simply added the alfredo sauce on top and put it on top of fettuccine

You called also turn the tofu intil homemade alfredo sauce by blending it, adding soy milk, Parmesan cheese, parsley, pepper and there you have homemade alfredo sauce

I used this lovely multi grained pasta
Yummy mashaAllah!!

MashaAllah the children and hubby enjoyed it. They boys ate the tofu without a problem. Tofu is good in protein , calcium and vitamin E alhamdulilah. I have read it is known to aid in making cancers less likely, particularly breast cancer. InshaAllah next time I think I will make the tofu into alfredo sauce


  1. I have never tried tofu so don't know if I would like this but your noodles looked yummy! So did the sauce.

  2. I never had tofu in pasta but it was good mashaAllah blended in nicely!


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