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One Year Of Healing

December 20th, came and went... it was a long year. As we are about to enter 2018, I have been doing a lot of reflecting. I would be lying if I did not say that this year was not difficult. SubhanAllah, I survived an anniversary, birthdays, being new to single parenting and so on. I could complain, but this year I put more emphasis on healing. Healing is on going, but alhamdulilah I have made a lot of progress. God has a way of changing things... this time last year, I had just finished attending my husband's (rahimahullah) janzah in NYC and burial in New Jersey.  I came back home to GA, with the children... our home... the place where we had delivered two of our children together, the place where we have made many memories, and it is also the place where he died. I stepped into our home, and it was a hard reality. His clothes were put away in the closet, his shoes were still by the front door... there was still clothes in the laundry hamper. I sat on the couch, and thought.. this…

Herbal Classes

As salamu alaykum,

alhamdulilah I pray you all are well!!

I have been asked a few questions about the herbal classes. I wanted to provide more information here, in a blog post. In prayers that it will help answer questions about the classes coming up! I intend to open these classes on October 7th, but alhamdulilah some of them can be started later and some on the 7th inshaAllah When they open again, I will be sure to let people know inshaAllah!

The Foundations Of Herbalism Program is a one year long program. Where weekly students will be introduced to various topics in herbalism. They are expected to listen to the audios and weekly do the lessons before the next audio is released. We will discuss topics such as how to harvest herbs, how to store them, how to prepare them. We also discuss:
Herbal safety
Herbal history
Various Remedies
Culinary Herbalism
Ethical Wildcrafting
Herbs For The Seasons
Alternative Health Options That Compliment Herbalism and more!
This also includes live cl…

Love In Marriage

I was recently reflecting on love, and how love is such an amazing experience.

The thing about love is that there is enough for everyone. The experience can vary from person to person. Every love brings something unique to your heart. I see love like I see snowflakes. Beautiful and different.... not exactly alike. The love for my late husband would never be the same with anyone else... because no one else is the same as him.  
Love is to be felt, on every level of our being... it's physical, it's emotional, it's mental and spiritual.... what other way is there to experience love? If you aren't experiencing love on every level... then what are you experiencing? Something that's on the surface... it can get much deeper though. Love is freedom, it doesn't hinder, it doesn't stifle who we are. It liberates us... and inspires us... believes and uplifts... it's a key... it's an awakening... anything opposite is not love in my opinion.  Just my thoughts and exp…

Making Your Home A Haven

This year, is the first year I am doing things on my own. With my husband (rahimahullah) no longer here physically with me, I am experiencing many feelings, new challenges and it is quite a journey.

Homemaking has become even more important, as the children adjust to our home changes, I have to continue to make it a place, where they feel love, light, ease, peace and the presence of God.
Every day we put effort into adjusting to our new changes.

How can you  make your home a haven?

Well what is a haven?  a haven is defined as a place of safety or refuge. A sanctuary, a place offering favorable opportunities or conditions..etc

A place of prayer- Praying together, not only is it a beautiful way to connect to God, but it is a great way to connect to your family. Keeping God first in your home is a way to feel God's presence. If you are not making mention of Him daily, then your home will feel a void. And only God can fill it. The hearts won't be at ease if you're not rem…

Praying For Your Husband

Good morning world,

This morning I felt inspired to write a few words, in prayers that it will benefit you all out there. One of the best things we can do for our spouse is to pray for them.

What is so awesome about prayer, is that God understands what we are saying, knows what we want to say, and no matter if its aloud or deep within our heart... He knows, He understands and He hears us.

Even as a widow, one of the things I continuously do, is pray for my late husband (rahimahullah)


Pray for God's guidance, husbands have a lot of decisions to make. Their role as the leader of the home is such an important role, that God's guidance is for sure needed. When praying for your husband, pray that God guides his decisions, his steps. As wives, one of your duties is to encourage him to pray too, gently remind him that with God, there is success. Every move we make, should be in a direction God is pleased with.

Pray for their health and safety- the world today is not the easies…

DIY Gummy Bears

We have been wanting to make gummy bears for a long time. Alhamdulilah a few simple ingredients and gummy bear molds, we were able to make our own gummy bears. A quick and easy way to have gummy bears, and you can add your own vitamins too.

They were delicious and easy to make
1 cup of fruit juice (we used 100% cherry and also used lemon juice too)
8 tsps beef gelatin  ( The Better Kosher Gelatin  )
2 tbs honey (I only used one tbs and was fine with how it tasted, if you do not want to use honey (because you may not want to warm it) you can also use stevia, and we still liked how it turned out too with the stevia)
It is up to you to add the vitamin of your choice.. I added probiotics (you do not have to use it)

It is totally easy mashaAllah you basically lightly warm ingredients together until the gelatin dissolves... at the end add vitamins or probiotic (I waited until it was cool enough, to add the probiotics, you do not want the heat to kill them, so I really pushed the limit in w…

The Passing Of A Prince

One month later...  If you would have told me, that I would be eventually blogging as a widow, I would have probably said that I couldn't imagine it!

Well here I am, writing as a widow. My husband (may Allah have mercy on him, and grant him jannah ameen ameen) passed away last month, December 20th, 2016, from complications from his condition.  My whole life changed and I am learning to heal and process this tremendous loss with our six children.

I met my husband in 2006 mashaAllah, and as I like to tell people, I started this adventure 10 yrs ago when I met a Prince from Kings County (Brooklyn NYC) married him, and became his princess alhamdulilah. When we first met, I felt like "wow this handsome guy, I cant believe he is even giving me the time of day." Lord knows I am thankful for all the time of our days, our road trips, and adventures.

I think of an old status message I shared on facebook
" I've dedicated ten years of my heart to this loveable adventurous g…

5 Ways To Love Yourself MORE

Yep, there I am, jumping on the trampoline in my sisters yard yesterday. As I told a friend, you can't help but smile on a trampoline. I couldn't jump and be angry, or feel sad at the same time. 
Alhamdulilah I felt like reaching for the sky, free, and alive. I haven't felt that way since my husband passed away last month (December 20th, 2016). Life has not been the same. Yesterday I decided to get some fresh air and I felt good. It was nice to step outside for a little bit.
My last post was written on loving your husband's more, which can also be applied to wives. Our time here isn't long, and in losing my husband, I am extra reminded to encourage wives to love their husbands more. That has always been part of my blog's goal, but God is telling me to remind women more, through my own experience.

But in loving your husbands more, do not forget yourself. You are important. Yes, some women need to be reminded that they are important. You have to take care of you…

5 Ways To Love Your Husband MORE

I had to blow the dust off the blog tonight, as I only write when I am feeling inspired. SubhanAllah, tonight feels like a good night to share a few thoughts on the blog.
How can you, love your husband more?

1.) Speak words that will uplift his spirit. I remember when I would be feeling nervous, and anxious about some event, and my husband (may Allah have mercy on him, ameen) would say encouraging words, that made me feel like the most confident woman in the world. We have the ability to be that voice of encouragement in our mates lives. What mountains we cannot move, when our spouse speaks life into our being! Through out the day, speak to your mate in a way that will help them be better. 
2.) Put your love into action: Yes you can say "I love you" all day long, but adding to that by doing loving gestures, show and prove what we feel inside. Surprising our spouse by writing a love note, or sending a loving text, adds a little more joy to their days. In a world where there …