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Herbal Classes

As salamu alaykum,

alhamdulilah I pray you all are well!!

I have been asked a few questions about the herbal classes. I wanted to provide more information here, in a blog post. In prayers that it will help answer questions about the classes coming up! I intend to open these classes on October 7th, but alhamdulilah some of them can be started later and some on the 7th inshaAllah When they open again, I will be sure to let people know inshaAllah!

The Foundations Of Herbalism Program is a one year long program. Where weekly students will be introduced to various topics in herbalism. They are expected to listen to the audios and weekly do the lessons before the next audio is released. We will discuss topics such as how to harvest herbs, how to store them, how to prepare them. We also discuss:
Herbal safety
Herbal history
Various Remedies
Culinary Herbalism
Ethical Wildcrafting
Herbs For The Seasons
Alternative Health Options That Compliment Herbalism and more!
This also includes live cl…