Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Essential Oil Of The Week: Frankincense

Alhamdulilah I have been using essential oils for a short time, but alhamdulilah I was recently introduced to doTerra essential oils by two beautiful sisters.

Well once my family started to use them we have been enjoying them. SubhanAllah the smells are amazing plus the benefits! 

So why should you use frankinscense:

It is said to: Provides Upper Respiratory Relief. Frankincense oil can help reduce upper respiratory symptoms caused by the common cold and bronchitis. Its antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, and antiseptic properties help to relax breathing passages and boost the immune system. Add a few drops to a bath, facial steam tent, or use as a massage oil for soothing relief. In addition to relieving the symptoms of a cold, frankincense oil can be used to disinfect a room.  (always research and talk to your doctor)

I totally love frankincense, as my husband says its a God sent heavenly scent mashaAllah and it truly works. I have used it to help reduce upper respiratory symptoms. It worked quickly subhanAllah alhamdulilah I felt instant relief, what a blessing from Allah alhamdulilah! What a great way to kick off our essential oil of the week.

A hadith I've read:    
Prophet Muhammad salAllahu alayhi wa salam was reported to have said "Fumigate your houses with Lubaan (Frankincense) and Sa'atar (Thyme)" It was also reported that once a man complained to Ali radiAllahu anhu that he forgets and Ali's radiAllahu anhu response was, "Resort to the Lubaan (Frankincense), because it strengthens the heart and removes forgetfulness".

Are you ready to try frankincense essential oil in your home and on your body? Do you use it already? and if so, what do you use it for? You can make many things at home using frankincense:
Make an all purpose cleaner adding frankincense, and its a good addition to homemade toothpaste too

For coughs and breathing: Add a drop to steaming water, place a towel over your head and inhale until the steam stops. Also massage soles of the feet, I did this with the children and husband when they were not feeling well. Or rub very little behind the ears.

They say for balance, open the bottle and smell frankincense essential oil whenever you're feeling overwhelmed. Diffuse in the room if you have a diffuser

 You can order frankincense from: Our DoTerra Store

InshaAllah next week we will discuss
Melaleuca Essential Oil also known more as Tea Tree Oil !!!

Friday, November 22, 2013

As salamu alaykum To The Tired Mama

To the tired mama,

May Allah bless you for all that you are doing. When you think no one sees your struggles, Allah does. When you think no one hears your cries at night, Allah hears. When you think you are alone, Allah is always there.

You're not the only one who wants to cry when things can feel too much. Dishes on constant rotation, children screaming without hesitation, and you're ready to run..who cares the destination!

We understand how you feel, and from one mother to another your loving work is not in vain. There is much good in all that you do. When our children are older, and on their own, it is your teachings that they take with them. It is your love, nourishment, and sacrifices that help them to be who they are. Trust me, it is and will be appreciated. Allah has blessed us in this beautiful role, and it is a honor, but with this honor, there will be sleepless nights, tears, worry, and sometimes stress, but I also know, that with this honor comes love, laughter, happiness, and hugs. The good in this outweighs the not so good moments, but theres lessons in all of this. Lessons for you  and for your family.

Be easy on yourself and take a moment to rest, refresh and pray. Prayer changes your heart, your life and ask Allah for guidance. Don't feel bad because everything is not done, we are not perfect, take your time and do as much as you can without overdoing it. You cannot give your best if you are not at your best, and a little does go a long way.

Tired mama this homemaker is sending a special prayer and hug your way. I ask that you remember these few things:

Our blessed job, serves humanity.. we are working to send God conscious, loving, kind, and productive people into society (praying their good works and lessons be a means for them to enter jannah) and that will take some loving work.

You can do this... some days are rough but Allah knows, things could be worse, remember be grateful

Pray.... stop and make duaa, focus in your prayer and ask Allah to renew your strength

Remember: You are a blessing
----- Ameera

Team Rahim Family Traditions

Alhamdulilah it has been some time since I have updated my wonderful friends here on Traditional Muslimah Homemaker. Our family, having since moved to Georgia, we started canning together as a family mashaAllah.
We all take time to wash fruits, clean jars, and can them. The children have grown in love with making jams mashaAllah. Not only is it the start of our family tradition, it's also our family business. Selling our jams locally and online, we wanted to share our jams with others. MashaAllah alhamdulilah the feedback has been wonderful. We had our first sell not too long ago and our family was super excited.

It is important for my husband and I to teach the children through traditions. Not only are we creating memories by baking bread together, canning food, and making our own products. We are teaching them skills they will pass down to their children inshaAllah and teach their wives. Skills such as:

Good health: they are leaning that its better to make it at home and its healthier. There are so many products on the market, full of junk, GMOs, artificial things that we want the children to know it's a better ways to do things.

Bonding: They are learning the importance of family. We call ourselves Team Rahim, and it may sound cute but we want the children to know the true meaning of being a team, being a family, and how we stregthen our bonds by working together.

Problem Solving Skills: Sometimes we may not agree on certian things and in working together sometimes there will be conflicts. It's important to give them the tools to appropriately resolve problems with others, when working with others, and when we feel there is a problem... how to speak up, in a respectful, polite way.

Alhamdulilah we learned so much about each other by working together. I'm happy that Allah has blessed us to start these traditions. Baking bread, cooking together, canning and more. Its one of my joys as a mother to pass on skills the children will be able to benefit from and so on alhamdulilah. What traditions does your family do? What would you like to start?

--- Ameera