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Washing Clothes With A Washboard

Alhamdulilah for weeks I was contemplating on getting a washboard. I often find myself washing clothes by hand, and not waiting until laundry day. Generally laundry day is on Wednesday's and by that time the children my have made quite a mess. After reading about other people experiences with washboards and hearing the great results, I purchased one on ebay! It was a two day auction and I was making much duaa I would get it.

After the two day auction I won! mashaAllah... the washboard came with soap, a sop tray, towels, and a never been used washboard. It was in a cabin used as a decoration. So alhamdulilah it was delivered very quickly and I have enjoyed using it.

While the children are in the tub, sitting and playing with their toys... I am right next to them using the washboard ..inside of a big clear bin that I soak the clothes in. At the same time keeping  watch on the children and washing the clothes.

I spend the time dhikring..thinking about the days task and really mostly…