Monday, April 16, 2012

Washing Clothes With A Washboard

Alhamdulilah for weeks I was contemplating on getting a washboard. I often find myself washing clothes by hand, and not waiting until laundry day. Generally laundry day is on Wednesday's and by that time the children my have made quite a mess. After reading about other people experiences with washboards and hearing the great results, I purchased one on ebay! It was a two day auction and I was making much duaa I would get it.

After the two day auction I won! mashaAllah... the washboard came with soap, a sop tray, towels, and a never been used washboard. It was in a cabin used as a decoration. So alhamdulilah it was delivered very quickly and I have enjoyed using it.

While the children are in the tub, sitting and playing with their toys... I am right next to them using the washboard ..inside of a big clear bin that I soak the clothes in. At the same time keeping  watch on the children and washing the clothes.

I spend the time dhikring..thinking about the days task and really mostly talking to the children at the same time as they ask me about the washboard and how it works.

 This domestic darling is enjoying each scrub on the washboard. I like the results mashaAllah! The whites are white and wonderful, all the clothes smell great and I think it makes my job easier.

I am considering alternating between the washboard and washing machine, right now alhamdulilah the loads are so low, I believe with consistency I can keep it this way using the takes dedication and organization... two things I am working on.

When the children are not in the tub and are sleeping, I use the tub for larger loads of  clothes and use my feet to walk on the clothes vigorously to agitate the dirt out.

The children have also taken part in this experience and  washed their clothes by hand..I let them select one item each that they really wanted and they sat with me as I taught them how to hand wash their clothes mashaAllah

Well my adventures in washing with a washboard have really just begun. InshaAllah I will learn how to make my own laundry detergent very soon .