Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Natural Hair, Natural Care

Alhamdulilah I have been enjoying my natural hair for about 8 years now. It's definitely important for me to know, whats in my beauty products that I use, and how to best take care of my natural hair.

 When Sis Taliah approached me about her hair products, I was excited.  Her Facebook page  Sister Taliah's Naturals is full of resources and awareness of the importance of natural products. She sent me three awesome products to try for 4 weeks.

3 and 1 African Black Soap
Hair Love
And T Mix

T Mix- Is my favorite, I was addicted to the smell, and not only does it smell so good, it has healthy ingredients. Taken from the website:  This special blend is designed to add moisture to the hair. 

 Tried and true my trouble areas with my hair started to trouble me no more. Each ingredient in the blend has a special purpose. For instance Jamaican Black Castor Oil helps with thinning hair and promotes hair growth. If you don't believe me, you have to try it out for yourself!

3 and 1 African Soap-  Also smells good and made my hair clean and scalp. I never really used black soap in my hair before, so this was a first and it was a good experience. Why is it three in 1? Its a shampoo, face and body wash mashaAllah and having all those benefits in one bottle is pretty awesome.  Purchase Taliah's Naturals here and please share with your friends!

Hair Love is also a great product mashaAllah, I am so happy that there is a sister making these products for everyone and its natural, it works and Sister Taliah cares about health and what goes on in our bodies. 
Hair Love--  Is a special blend is designed to make thinning hair grow in thick. Made with 100% pure Coconut pulp and oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil . Massage on scalp weekly for great results.

T Mix "This special blend is designed to add moisture to the hair.  Use on scalp for thick, long growing hair. Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Morrocan Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, and all natural fragrances. "
Yes!!! It smells amazing and it works! MashaAllah!! These products will become part of my regular hair care regime inshaAllah.

"According to, the body can absorb as much as five pounds of cosmetic chemicals every year. Parabens can mimic hormones in the body and disrupt functions of the endocrine system"


Nowadays there are so many harmful products all in the name of money and "beauty" but the reality is, a lot of them are doing more harm than good, and thats quite ugly!. Products being tested on animals, made from unhealthy ingredients, and with words you and I, most likely cannot identify the source!

For example:

Parabens: found in deodorants and other products, it has been said that parabens mimic estrogen and high lifelong exposure to estrogen can increase the risk in breast cancer. 

Phthalataes- mostly found in plastics and in cosmetics like nail polish, is said to put women in high elevated risk for diabetes. 

Do we really want to add those things to our body? Who knows what we are putting on our skin! thats why it is important to go with products we can trust, and support the honest, hardworking families alhamdulilah

At the end of the day, I feel good with making more health conscious choices and supporting businesses that are working to do that.

InshaAllah visit Sis Taliah's store and let her know that the Traditional Muslimah Homemaker, sent you!!

Please share this post as well, so others can be informed inshaAllah

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Reflecting and Nesting

Here I am On  my due date....

We did a lot of cleaning and I have been getting messages about if I had the baby yet and so on.

Guess little baby isn't ready yet and to be honest I'm not..not today. I'm excited to meet this little individual who I have grown close to without seeing him/her.

Are you a boy... or girl? Is the question I have been getting often.

And I think....
Well, It doesn't matter, as long as youre healthy..  ten fingers ten toes a beating heart..a  little nose alhamdulilah you  will be loved that I can guarantee.
Anxiously awaiting your presence to join us..they say my hands are full already... full of blessings is what I say, and I would never turn away from or turn down extra blessings mashaAllah.

The  boys prepared the room for this big moment

Happy to share with my TMH friends, my thoughts as we prepare to turn to the start of the next chapter inshaAllah. New addtion means new schedule. I've found a system that works for us and it will help us organize life for homeschooling, homemaking, and everything else! InshaAllah i will be able to share soon.

My twin sister has arrived just in time and its quite a surprise, the children are happy to see their cousins         and my sister has offered to come help, so thats pretty great! My husband has been such a big help and  blessing, I'm glad for and thankful for all the love and kindness Allah has sent this way.

Well, subhanAllah, Ive done  more reflecting this pregnancy and one of my thoughts is that..our hearts can love so many people and not diminish with the increase of people! The heart is amazing, and this feeling called love. People often ask how did I get to enjoy homemaking, and I say..I enjoy what I do because the people I do it for bring me joy.

As often said.... it's done with love.

Theres more to be done around here so I will  keep it brief...

Guess this is my last update for now :)  I pray all  the previous blog post were beneficial!

Please don't forget to make duaa, share and if you can donate <3 Team Rahim Homebirth Dream

Saturday, February 15, 2014

There's No Place Like Home Birth: Our Home Birth Story Part 5: Plans For Breastfeeding

Brewers Yeast

I decided this time to prepare a little better for breastfeeding... I nursed Tahleel this whole pregnancy and have not weaned him yet, so looks like we are entering the tandem nursing world. Thats when you are nursing two children at once. I  automatically thought about increasing my milk supply and what ways to go about this.

I've been reading about lactation cookies and saw such great reviews for them that I decided  to make some, and will keep making them often. Turns out the children love them too mashaAllah!! They are made with  brewers yeast, not to be confused or substituted with nutritional yeast and bread baking yeast. It is said to help increase milk, energy, and fight off the baby blues. It contains iron, protein and more mashaAllah.  The taste is strong, I prefer to add to cereal, bread, cookies, pancakes, and better than just taking it on a spoon daily! It's better to have it "raw" so in the salads with homemade dressing, cereals and smoothies works for those who do not want to cook  or bake with it.

The children loved the cookies mashaAllah! I thought the taste of the yeast would bother them but no they enjoyed it.


Flaxseed- 3 tbs
Oatmeal (old fashioned)- 1 cup
Brewers Yeast- 2 tbs
Coconut Oil- 1/2 cup
Egg -  1
Sugar- 1/2 cup
Salt- 1/2 tsp
Flour- 1 cup if its not self rising flour add baking powder 1/2 tsp
Cinnamon- as much as I wanted

I  just threw it all in a bowl and mixed it... it made about 18 cookies and put  them on a greased baking tray  on 350 until they were to my liking

Nursing  Cream

Ok I'm no stranger at being sore and hurting while breastfeeding so I put together a simple cream that promotes healing, it's recommended to wipe off before each feeding.
Coconut oil and aloe vera gel

Simply put the aloe vera gel in a container with coconut oil! mashaAllah I found a nice easy to carry, squirt bottle so even if the coconut oil solidify it will still squeeze out inshaAllah.. I have chunks of aloe inside too :)

Aloe vera is used to relieve pain from being sore and cracked. I used the plant and my son-- he actually helped get the gel off the plant.

Coconut oil to help with dry and roughness..
Mother's Milk Tea,  Milk Boosting Foods

I drink the tea often but I think if I drink it, combined with eating milk boosting foods then inshaAllah it will make a difference in my supply.

What I intend on doing is Fennel/ Barley Water-- soak barley over night then strain barley (svae for soup the discarded barley)  and boil the water... for 25 mins and pour on is said to increase milk and ease after pains. I was told before about barley for increasing milk, and have had it as soup but not water, and I have also used fennel in tea inshaAllah i will update once I try it, but thought to share since  both are known to increase milk.

Upping the water, and eating smoothies and more fruit are things you want to do to keep up a nice healthy milk supply inshaAllah and vitamins... we are making sure we have a successful tandem nursing journey.

Nursing Pads

Need I say more?!!! You can buy them but it is also easy to make your own
Make your own here: Suckled Sunnah
Or  Frugal Nursing Pads

InshaAllah will take pics of mine soon and share here

Thursday, February 13, 2014

There's No Place Like Home Birth: Our Home Birth Story Part 4: Natural Postpartum Kit

What's In My Natural Postpartum Kit

Reusable Postpartum Pads

As many of my friends know I LOVE getting my items from Dalecia over at Love,d and as part of  my postpartum kit, these are a must! MashaAllah always great quality and design, alhamdulilah Im never  disappointed in Dalecia's products. Soooo I also use Love,d cloth menstural pads and  I'm really  glad I have been using reusable pads. My favorite method is hand washing them with a washboard because it really keeps them clean. The same detergent I will use on cloth diapers I will be using on  the cloth pads inshaAllah
The All In Two Postpartum Pad is made with waterproof PUL fabric and an all natural hemp/organic cotton fleece, this two part system of a shell and snap-in 12x12in liner. To provide the protection and reassurance us moms need after having a baby when blood flow is much heavier than your menstruation flow. The pad shell  has elastic gussests, helps  in protecting against leaks and also creates a nice little pouch in which a ziplock full of crushed ice may sit within the liner for healing. Mothers have a choice between cloth liners or disposables to use within the shell!! MashaAllah thats pretty cool right!!

  Tea For Wellness

This tea is for calming, it has chamomile leaves  and all organic content. It has calendula flowers,  red clover flowers,  lavender flowers, catnip, spearmint, skullcap, thyme, oatsraw, lemon peel and a pinch of stevia.  It is  called fairytale  tea, from  Mountain Rose Herbs, and I am praying the calming feature will lighten any after birth pains.

Essential Oils 

Using my favorite for relaxation and calming, I will use Doterra's Lavender Essential Oil and Frankincense. Put it in a little bottle with water and spray for refreshing lift. Mix with a coconut oil or almond oil and get massaged with it.
You can also use it in a diffuser during labor too

Here is a link to My DoTerra Store

Along  with these I will be inshaAllah resting, drinking plenty of water and taking it easy. Alhamdulilah with help from children and my husband, I  won't have to worry about cooking and cleaning inshaAllah. I will try and add updates to my postpartum kit if anything changes inshaAllah

Sunday, February 9, 2014

There's No Place Like Home Birth: Our Home Birth Story Part 3: Affordable Cloth Diapering For Multiple Children

Alhamdulilah baby is due any day now, and we have decided to go about using cloth diapers, as we have for our youngest son. This will be the first time we are using them from birth subhanAllah.

Cloth diapers, while can seem like a costly initial start, isn't so bad if you decide to use prefolds.

MashaAllah, with two children in cloth diapers, buying a lot of pocket diapers can be costly, if you do not have enough to make that investment but prefolds are at very good prices mashaAllah!! Whether new or used, you can find a good deal on a stash of prefolds.

Alhamdulilah as our son will soon be potty trained I'm loving that his old cloth diapers will go to the baby once he gets older.

With prefolds, we have about 7 covers so far that goes on top of the prefolds, mashaAllah you can see in the other pictures to see what three of the covers look like :)

Alhamdulilah we have been looking to try new homemade laundry detergent that will work for our diapers and other clothes, inshaAllah will share that one soon!!

My favorite person and place to buy diapers from is my friend Dalecia, of Love,d she sells natural, environmentally friendly family products. Love,d Etsy Store and Facebook Love,d Facebook
The cool thing about cloth diapering is that it does not have to be expensive alhamdulilah I am blessed to have friends send their diapers to me as well that they have not used, or they were used and really taken care of.

MashaAllah ever since we started using cloth diapers on Tahleel, we have saved a lot of money on diapers, they have been well worth it!

In the beginning we were using a washboard to clean them, and that was for about a year, it really got the diapers clean and then now we are washing them in a washing machine alhamdulilah mashaAllah.

So our cloth diapering journey continues, with using pockets and prefolds and saving money along the way while doing something for the environment. alhamdulilah!! Alright please make duaa!!

The adventure continues!

 al-Mu’jam al-Kabir 5/65, Tabarani related a hadith,

وتحفظوا على الأرض فإنها أمكم

“And take care of the earth for verily she is your mother.”

Friday, January 24, 2014

There's No Place Like Home Birth: Our Home Birth Story Part 2: Made With Love

Alhamdulilah if you have been following along on TMH, I just started learning to knit!! MashaAllah I love it, it's fun, it's relaxing, and I can make things for the ones I love.

So for my second knitting project I made our baby some booties!!! MashaAllah we made the baby two pairs, in prayer we will be placing them on the feet of our baby.

If you have ever made anything with your hands, whether cooking from scratch--- from the foundation, or making clothes... then you know the personal joy it feels to see your family enjoying what you have made and worked hard on.

Part of preparing for the home birth is preparing the babies clothes, washing them and putting them away in a sealed bag... to be open on that special day (as my midwife requested)

A clean onesie, baby booties, blanket, etc and a Bismillah, baby Rahim bag is sealed and put away for that special day.

Have you made anything for the ones you love? SubhanAllah it is so rewarding inside... why didn't I take up this wonderful hobby a long time ago?

It is the first time I have made anything for the children to wear when they are born, so I had my mommy, cry emotional moment and still do when I see them... small and made with love. My heart gets all big and excited.

Not only did I find a new hobby, I found something my heart enjoys that can help and benefit others. Really awesome is that!

Handmade with love

Can't wait to place them on your little feet inshaAllah....

There's No Place Like Home Birth: Our Home Birth Story Part 1

Am I really about to have our 6th child?
Did we really decide to do this at home?

Questions and more questions and a reality check! YES this is our 6th blessing and YES we are doing this at home.

It did not start that way, yes we were excited to add another member to our growing team. and We figured like all the other children (except my daughter who was born at home), they would be born in the hospital.

As time progressed we decided that having this baby at home would be the best decision for us... for our family.

So we're having a home birth... there's nothing much to do at this point? Right?, noooo not the case at all. We prayed and prayed for us to find a midwife that would feel like family and be part of our home, for this home birth.
Allah answered our prayers when He sent us a midwife, that is loving, kind, concerned and genuine.
Alhamdulilah!! Also we are asking for everyone to make duaa and if possible donate towards our experience: Baby Rahim, Home Birth Dream

Tahleel ( isn't he so adorable mashaAllah!!!) was born in NYC. Labor started early in the morning, somewhere around 5 a.m. my husband came home to be surprised that labor had started. We decided to stay home until I knew we could not stay any longer. He was so kind taking care of the boys, feeding them and making sure they were okay, while tending to me... I was sleeping in between contractions and it was very peaceful. Around 3 or 4 the pain was beginning to get too intense and so we decided to head to our hospital.My husband made attempts before hand to get family and friends to watch our children so he could attend the birth. MashaAllah as it was written, he was not able to get anyone to watch them and so he missed the birth of Tahleel. 

One of the nurses was so kind that she went and informed my husband in the waiting room that Tahleel had been born and she was even so kind as to watch the boys so my husband could come and see me and call the athan in Tahleel's ear. It was a good birth as in, very easy but emotionally I was sad and bothered that he could not be in thee room, as he had been for all the other children.

It was disappointing for him to not be there and it took a lot of prayer and patience not to be bitter with his people for not being there for us.

Alhamdulilah Tahleel is now 20 months old and we are weeks away from our new bundle of joy (gender unknown)

We decided to a homebirth for a few reasons:

1.) I LOVE the comfort of being in my own home, with the people I love.
2.) As a mom of more than 2 children it's harder to find someone to watch all the children (If I had to go to the hospital) a result my husband missed the last birth. I was quite sad by that but alhamdulilah this home birth will allow him to be right by my side and the children right in their home, safe and comfortable.
3.) I dont have to be bombarded by strangers, unknown and unrelated males !

4.) I can take my mind off the contractions by being able to use the resources around me
5.) The familiarity of everything
6.) My own bed, and not saying bye to my husband and children because they cant spend the night in my hospital room
7.) Good home cooking, no hospital food yay!!
8.) Peace of mind
9.) I dont have to share a room with strangers... yes as I have been warned in the past that I may have to share a room if there was none available
10.) Home birth works for us!!