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For The One Who Feels Like An Imperfect Homemaker

 As salamu alaykum & greetings, Lately I have been feeling the need to write about this topic. We know that no one is perfect. Some days are difficult, and we make mistakes. One of the key things I wanted to share with you is: do not be hard on yourself. I know it is easier said than done, and while we live in a society where on the outside people look like they have it all together and life is perfect-- the reality is-- we all have our moments in our homemaking where we do not feel at our best. I've run into many women over the years that thought I was so perfect. I am FAR from it my friend. I have to check my intentions daily and keep going.  It is so easy to drown in the wave of "I'm not good enough." or  "I'm doing a horrible job at this." I wish you could see that what you are doing is such a big help and blessing to your home. What seems like nothing is really something.  Can I tell you something else? You are not alone. There is no such thing

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