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One Year Of Healing

December 20th, came and went... it was a long year. As we are about to enter 2018, I have been doing a lot of reflecting. I would be lying if I did not say that this year was not difficult. SubhanAllah, I survived an anniversary, birthdays, being new to single parenting and so on. I could complain, but this year I put more emphasis on healing. Healing is on going, but alhamdulilah I have made a lot of progress. God has a way of changing things... this time last year, I had just finished attending my husband's (rahimahullah) janzah in NYC and burial in New Jersey.  I came back home to GA, with the children... our home... the place where we had delivered two of our children together, the place where we have made many memories, and it is also the place where he died. I stepped into our home, and it was a hard reality. His clothes were put away in the closet, his shoes were still by the front door... there was still clothes in the laundry hamper. I sat on the couch, and thought.. this…

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