Motivational Homemaking: Homemaking Binder

Alhamdulilah time to get things more in order with a homemaking binder. A lot of free printables from mashaAllah my twin sister introduced it to me and I love the bright happy and colorful menu planners, weekly schedules etc. Also did I mention its free? Need a little inspiration to get organized? I must admit having these printables are a motivation mashaAllah.

You can also find free printables at Organized Home's website mashaAllah. On my trip I am focusing on what tools I need to get more organized. InshaAllah I want to start fresh when I get back to new york.

Well Bismillah.... here we go!


  1. Masha'allah this is nice, but not practical when you do not have a printer. I just have a cleaning schedule written and a weekly menu on my fridge. I find the homemaking binders take more time from you then if you just make a set schedule. But different things work for different people. Alhamdulilah that this will keep you motivated. :)

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    2. Alhamdulilah it does keep me motivated mashaAllah it's awesome. I do not own a printer and still I add college ruled notebook paper inside and write on that too, with special pens etc to add a personal happy touch mashaAllah!! I def encourage all sisters to use one and try it out, I also have dry erase menu plan sets too :) anything good to keep happy homemaking is always a blessing!

  2. Subhanallah lol I was reading last.night.on FB and was wondering about the homemaking binder. mashaallah this is so neat.


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