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Homemade Laundry Detergent

Homemade Laundry detergent!

MashaAllah this was great to use on the clothes. It smells good and easy to make. I wanted a borax free laundry detergent and was glad to run into one online

1 cup Dr Bronners castile soap, I used lavender
1 cup Baking Soda
1 cup washing soda .... I read that by putting baking soda in the oven on 350 it converts to washing powder, because the heat changes the chemical property to that of washing powder
1 cap of tea tree oil

Warm the water and then add the baking soda and washing soda until dissolved, put in container then add the tea tree oil and dr bronners!  

Pretty simple and my husband and I loved the smell.


  1. ASA Sister,

    I'm gonna have to try that baking soda in the oven thing. I have a 6lb bag of it so I've got room to experiment. Your recipe looks alot easier to put together than mine. I shred a bar of Kirk's Castille soap and dissolve it in a quart of simmering water. In a 25lb bucket I dissolve 1lb Borax and 1lb Washing Soda in a gallon of hot water, add the melted soap, another gallon hot water and let it cool. It's pretty thick when it's cooled, that's when I chop it up and stick blend everything till it's nice and smooth and there's no more separation.
    Believe me, it's worth the effort. The bucket of laundry soap lasts forever and if I purchase the box of Borax and Washing Soda, I have enough powder for at least 3 more buckets. The money saved is amazing! Plain white vinegar in the rinse instead of fabric softener makes a world of difference.
    Sorry for the lengthy post, but I get excited about soap. *lol*
    Let me know Sister when your Homemaking Adventures take you into soapmaking . . I'm a Happy Soaper and would love to share info with you Inshallah.

    Keep Up The Excellent Blog!

  2. Had to bookmark this! It's so nice to see a Muslimah of color like myself into homemaking and natural, cost-effective living! I strive to be even 10% of the home maker you are!



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