A new book!!!

Okay can I scream dance and jump for joy?

I think I did mashaAllah alhamdulilah Allahu akbar!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I had to get that out LOL. I should be sleeping but my children are.... and I was just editing the book for the last time before I officially share it with the public.
Ya Allah please let this be of some benefit for others and that they may grow, take better care of their loved ones, and seek to get closer to You ameen ameen

If you purchased the first book: Journey Of A Muslimah Homemaker: Spirituality In Homemaking ..I pray it was of benefit and alhamdulilah I have gotten some honest reviews about it. I took them in deeper consideration in this second book. Adding more to the book about my journey homemaking, it's also about the importance of prayer, patience, service and helping. 

As I tell people... alhamdulilah these are my thoughts and experiences, I pray there is some good people can get from it. I did not think two books would happen.. I just started the blog and wanted to document the journey, it has not even been a full year yet i believe.
I share some of the recent blog post in it, a few of my favorites that I feel are very important mashaAllah 

I'm sitting here nervous and excited.... asking Allah to use me in a way to help others and myself. 
So this book will be available on Amazon..I want to say before Monday ... but I'm too nervous to slap a date on it LOL

Please keep us in your duaas and all praise is due to Allah, I ask He guides me in every area of my life and leave me not to myself... I am in constant need of remembrance of Him and this is why I am happy to have these books available ..as I do travel around or read in my home, it is good to have those pick me ups available and Islamic reminders

InshaAllah once the book is made public we will be sure to let others know... looking forward to the feedback


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