Sweet Sunnahs Of Marriage

Alhamdulilah after some time away from blogging, I'm back to introduce a 4 week renewal of marriage with the Sweet Sunnahs Of Marriage Month

The next few weeks us Domestic Darlings will be working on marriage with prayers that Allah guides us to continue all the positive and new lessons we learned during the weeks of October. 

Join us this inshaAllah as we learn more about helping, loving, appreciating and respecting that special man in our life.

Each week will be a different topic and tip to put into practice inshaAllah


  1. I like your blog a lot and refer to it many times. I have trouble and hope you can do a post on a subject that is bothering me very much. My husband returned to his first wife. This was something I was afraid of. When I married him and was asking all of the pre-marriage questioned I specified as an American, I do not want to be involved in a polygamous marriage. As a Muslim, I accept polygamy but I do not think my personality can handle it. However, it seems this is my qadar. Before, it was relatively easy for me to be a good wife and do everything Islamically. Now, it is not. This morning, I told him I hate him. I have tried many things, including salah and duua and all I know is that Allah put love for him inside my heart. If I divorce him (which I can't I love him) because of polygamy, what will I say when Allah ask me this? So the solution is to stay, but its very hard. Please advise me or let me know what can I do or how can I handle this.


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