Whole Wheat No Yeast Bread


3 cups flour 
1/2 tsp salt 
3 tbs baking powder 
1 tbs olive oil 
2 cups water 
add honey or sugar in the raw to desired taste.

 Combine dry and then liquid. Add baking powder last and mix all together . Optional instead of water 2 cups almond milk and 1 cup almond pulp also add flaxseed and wheat germ. There is no rise time so alhamdulilah you can put it in a loaf pan then in the oven on 350 or breadmaker on bake setting. For the panera bread style bread bowl mold to a ball put an x on it and put on parchment paper

We don't use yeast all the time...pretty rare but it is just for our family not to use often. I have not seen many really no yeast bread recipes and through a lot of trial and error and success, this recipes works for me alhamdulilah

It smells great in the oven!! You may want to double the recipe to get a big loaf


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  2. I'm excited to make this ! I'm going to get all the items today Insha Allah :-}

  3. assalamualiakum

    jazakallahu khiaran for this recipe....we started on a gluten free , dairy free diet ...but my kids are YEARNING for bread :( ...so googled some more..n found that fermented wheat is much easier on the stomach and disgestible , than using as it is. I plan of using your recipe inshallah ( as we cant use yeast in this diet ) , but i'd like to know ....for this method...I would need to ferment the dough for 12 hours after mixing it...should I add baking powder while mixing it up ? if not , after 12 hours , how can I add baking powder to the already mixed dough ? if i'm not wrong , baking poweder is added to make it rise...is there any solution to this issue ? :( ...I really want to try this recipe out..as so many recipes I have tried have failed miserably :S..

    jazak allahu khiaran for all ur help..

  4. I would ferment the bread first, then add the baking powder and bake.


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