A Mother's Thoughts

The whole house is sleeping this early Friday morning and I cant sleep. Using the time to think, blog and catch up. I also watch the children sleep. I thank Allah for all of them. I thank Allah for blessing me with 5 children to care for. God knows I dont feel like the best wife and mom a lot of times but I do know I strive to get better. I watch them crawl, walk, and run.. i'm seeing them grow into their own. 

As mothers we are constantly praying that Allah guides us to raise peaceful, loving, and God conscious children. Some people may not think we do much of anything because we "stay" at home, but the lives we take care of and help to mold, are an important part of society. Life lessons, relationship matters and schooling are being done in the home and this is no easy task. Every day  it is important to ask Allah to guide us in managing our homes and taking care of our children.

I know at the end of the day when they are sleeping, they were fed, taught, loved and it makes me feel good.

For every dirty dish..my children were fed, thank you Allah
For every piece of laundry in the basket... my children were clothed. thank you Allah
For every book out, my children were learning alhamdulilah
For every hug and kiss.. my children were nurtured and loved subhanAllah

We do more than stay at home, we provide a service at home. This service is one that doesnt require money, it requires heart... to provide this service we must do it with love. When we do it with love, it becomes more fulfilling ... and the lives around us benefit from this love. You put this energy into what you do..... and you gain so much more from it ya Allah!

This is my early morning  rant.. just watching my children sleep. May Allah protect them always ameen.


  1. This is beautiful - and appropriate! Through the Grace of Allah, I have been blessed with a beautiful little boy, and with the prospect of more children on the horizon, I have often wondered whether I am up for the task. Your inspirational words have motivated me and nudged me right back into the "yummy-mummy" mode!

    JazakAllah :)


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