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Like A Rope's Knot: Saying "I Love You" Without Words

Whether you have been married one year, or 12 years, we could always use a little extra umph in our marriage to make it even more exciting.

I woke up this morning with the song in my head (and I am not that familiar with it but the tune was in my head) "I woke up in love this morning, fell asleep with you on my mind"

While it is a great feeling to love your husbands and have someone to wake up to, we can do this much better if we love our Lord much and desire to sleep having done what Allah has commanded us to do and being at peace with our spouse. Double the rewards and blessings

When you wake up in the morning try different ways to renew your love.  Every day there is something new to be done.

When a husband and wife look at each other with Love, Allah looks at both with Mercy"

  1. Loving gestures-  A simple touch, says so much. The touch is a powerful thing, I truly believe that is why it is haraam for men and women who are not related to touch. The lightest feathery touch is enough to send signals and feelings of warmth and love through the body. When we see our husbands we should embrace them before they leave and when they come home. Even in the middle of the day when they are home we should take moments to show affection.  A rub on the back, gentle touch on the face, and kiss says I love you, I admire you, I think you are handsome, and I am happy to be with you. 
  2. Get Creative-  If you have a husband that is gone before you wake up in the morning, leave a loving note by the door. When my husband was not feeling well, he came home to a wall dedicated to him, full of get well soon, duaas, and "I love yous" he felt so good and smiled every time he was near the wall. How creative can you get? Buying a card, sending a sweet text message, or even an email are fun ways to say I love you. I put this hadith on the wall and a rope with two knots,  Aisha radiAllahu anha asked the Prophet SalAllahu alayhi wa salaam "How is your love for me?" "Like the ropes knot" He replied meaning that it was strong and secure.  Time after time she would ask him "How is the knot?" and he would reply "Ala haailha in the same condition" at the end of this hadith I wrote in the note "May Allah make our love strong and secure like the rope's knot ameen" he was so moved by it, but even things we think do not mean anything means a lot. It does not have to be expensive over the tops gifts.
  3. Loving meals- Nothing says loving like a good meal in the oven LOL.  Surprise your husband by making his favorite meal or dessert. For me, putting extra love and dhikr into making sweet treats from scratch and good meals shows that I love him and I love my family. Throw on your apron, bring out the rolling pin and  turn those pancakes into hearts.
  4. Smile- Smile at him, do  not let him see your face angry and hostile. This is the opposite of showing love.  Our facial expressions should show love, warmth and cheer. A husband coming home to a smiling face is love.  Have you notice when people smile at you on the street you can't help but smile back, it's like a natural response. So remember service with a smile :)
  5. Yeah I'm interested!- Show interest in what he likes, ask how was your day with genuine care to know how his day was. Ask him questions to show you care about what he likes. When he shows enthusiasm for something, show the same. Don't look bored, sound bored, and bring down his good cheer and dreams. A supportive woman makes a man feel good and strong. 
What ways can you say I Love You without saying it? 


  1. This is great, masha Allah! It makes me want to get up and do something loving! I love the mention of the hadith. It is so heartwarming to hear examples of sentimental love in the sunnah of Rasulullah, salallahu 'alayhi wa sallam. Shukran for sharing this advice, Sister Ameera, especially for a twelver like me!

  2. Salamualaikum sister Ameera what a lovely article Mashalah! This is a wonderful and needed reminder. It is so easy to get so caught up in our daily routines that we begin to neglect our marriage. Actually these types of loving interactions should be apart of our daily routine! Thanks again and keep 'em comen:-)

  3. I love making sure that I have everything ready for my hubs before he wants or needs it. I stink at saying the sweet words and he is so good at them, so I try to make up for it by spoiling him as much as I can:)


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