Natural Hair, Natural Care

Alhamdulilah I have been enjoying my natural hair for about 8 years now. It's definitely important for me to know, whats in my beauty products that I use, and how to best take care of my natural hair.

 When Sis Taliah approached me about her hair products, I was excited.  Her Facebook page  Sister Taliah's Naturals is full of resources and awareness of the importance of natural products. She sent me three awesome products to try for 4 weeks.

3 and 1 African Black Soap
Hair Love
And T Mix

T Mix- Is my favorite, I was addicted to the smell, and not only does it smell so good, it has healthy ingredients. Taken from the website:  This special blend is designed to add moisture to the hair. 

 Tried and true my trouble areas with my hair started to trouble me no more. Each ingredient in the blend has a special purpose. For instance Jamaican Black Castor Oil helps with thinning hair and promotes hair growth. If you don't believe me, you have to try it out for yourself!

3 and 1 African Soap-  Also smells good and made my hair clean and scalp. I never really used black soap in my hair before, so this was a first and it was a good experience. Why is it three in 1? Its a shampoo, face and body wash mashaAllah and having all those benefits in one bottle is pretty awesome.  Purchase Taliah's Naturals here and please share with your friends!

Hair Love is also a great product mashaAllah, I am so happy that there is a sister making these products for everyone and its natural, it works and Sister Taliah cares about health and what goes on in our bodies. 
Hair Love--  Is a special blend is designed to make thinning hair grow in thick. Made with 100% pure Coconut pulp and oil and Jamaican Black Castor Oil . Massage on scalp weekly for great results.

T Mix "This special blend is designed to add moisture to the hair.  Use on scalp for thick, long growing hair. Ingredients:  Olive Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, Morrocan Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, and all natural fragrances. "
Yes!!! It smells amazing and it works! MashaAllah!! These products will become part of my regular hair care regime inshaAllah.

"According to, the body can absorb as much as five pounds of cosmetic chemicals every year. Parabens can mimic hormones in the body and disrupt functions of the endocrine system"


Nowadays there are so many harmful products all in the name of money and "beauty" but the reality is, a lot of them are doing more harm than good, and thats quite ugly!. Products being tested on animals, made from unhealthy ingredients, and with words you and I, most likely cannot identify the source!

For example:

Parabens: found in deodorants and other products, it has been said that parabens mimic estrogen and high lifelong exposure to estrogen can increase the risk in breast cancer. 

Phthalataes- mostly found in plastics and in cosmetics like nail polish, is said to put women in high elevated risk for diabetes. 

Do we really want to add those things to our body? Who knows what we are putting on our skin! thats why it is important to go with products we can trust, and support the honest, hardworking families alhamdulilah

At the end of the day, I feel good with making more health conscious choices and supporting businesses that are working to do that.

InshaAllah visit Sis Taliah's store and let her know that the Traditional Muslimah Homemaker, sent you!!

Please share this post as well, so others can be informed inshaAllah


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