There's No Place Like Home Birth: Our Home Birth Story Part 4: Natural Postpartum Kit

What's In My Natural Postpartum Kit

Reusable Postpartum Pads

As many of my friends know I LOVE getting my items from Dalecia over at Love,d and as part of  my postpartum kit, these are a must! MashaAllah always great quality and design, alhamdulilah Im never  disappointed in Dalecia's products. Soooo I also use Love,d cloth menstural pads and  I'm really  glad I have been using reusable pads. My favorite method is hand washing them with a washboard because it really keeps them clean. The same detergent I will use on cloth diapers I will be using on  the cloth pads inshaAllah
The All In Two Postpartum Pad is made with waterproof PUL fabric and an all natural hemp/organic cotton fleece, this two part system of a shell and snap-in 12x12in liner. To provide the protection and reassurance us moms need after having a baby when blood flow is much heavier than your menstruation flow. The pad shell  has elastic gussests, helps  in protecting against leaks and also creates a nice little pouch in which a ziplock full of crushed ice may sit within the liner for healing. Mothers have a choice between cloth liners or disposables to use within the shell!! MashaAllah thats pretty cool right!!

  Tea For Wellness

This tea is for calming, it has chamomile leaves  and all organic content. It has calendula flowers,  red clover flowers,  lavender flowers, catnip, spearmint, skullcap, thyme, oatsraw, lemon peel and a pinch of stevia.  It is  called fairytale  tea, from  Mountain Rose Herbs, and I am praying the calming feature will lighten any after birth pains.

Essential Oils 

Using my favorite for relaxation and calming, I will use Doterra's Lavender Essential Oil and Frankincense. Put it in a little bottle with water and spray for refreshing lift. Mix with a coconut oil or almond oil and get massaged with it.
You can also use it in a diffuser during labor too

Here is a link to My DoTerra Store

Along  with these I will be inshaAllah resting, drinking plenty of water and taking it easy. Alhamdulilah with help from children and my husband, I  won't have to worry about cooking and cleaning inshaAllah. I will try and add updates to my postpartum kit if anything changes inshaAllah


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