Ummi's House Review & Giveaway

Alhamdulilah there are so many talented sisters out there, that are blessing our community! It is so important we support halal, family, and beneficial businesses. We were recently blessed to receive some wonderful products from Ummi's House.

When I say talented sisters, Umm Ayana Of Ummi's House and her mother are right at the top! Eco-friendly, homemade, handmade, and done with love and care is what you will receive from their products. Ummi's House is a mother daughter team, supplying products and services that can be used in any mothers house, hence the name Ummi's House. They greatly enjoy their homemaking hobbies, and it's that joy that is shown in their products

So this happy homemaker was beyond thrilled to use Ummi's house products.

Alhamdulilah our bread baking was extra blessed as we wore aprons from Ummi's House.

Allah is Merciful, we were baking garlic knots a few days before getting our package and I said the children needed aprons, well subhanAllah Allah  answered my duaa and each boy had an awesome homemade apron. My boys were to the moon!!

Thank Allah for His many blessings!

We put our hands in the dough and it was a blessed experience, there's no better way to make bread then with the ones I love. We KNEAD more love in the world, lol silly I know but true. And After all, we are team Rahim :)

Sun dried tomato bread  and a awesome breadbag from Ummi's House: Bread Bag From Ummi's House mashaAllah what a cute, cool, and environmentally friendly way to give the gift of homemade bread.

After getting flour on us and getting a little messy, it was sure nice to use this homemade soap from Ummi's House:  Rice Cereal Soap and Honey Oatmeal Bar

It came with a homemade scrubby that you can use for bathing or for washing dishes.

Ummi's House was so kind in blessing us and we in turn would love to bless one of our readers! alhamdulilah yay!!

We have an extra bread bag and soap set for one chosen reader! How can you enter this giveaway? Simple! 

1. Join Ummi's House on facebook: Ummi's House Facebook 
 2. have 10 of your friends join saying that you sent them (please post on the wall not inbox messaging), and 
3. last post a picture of your yummiest homemade bread/ or homemade bread item (i.e. pita bread, pizza crust, naan bread) on Ummi's House facebook page 

She will pick the loveliest loaf of bread and we will send you a bread bag and soap set!! After all that baking you should have a nice bag to put it in and wonderful soap to relax you at the end of a long day right? This giveaway is to end Sunday: Feb 3, 2013

Bring Ummi's House To Your House!!


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