Motivational Homemaking: Homemaking Binder Part 2

Okay well remember months ago I introduced my homemaking binder to everyone? MashaAllah see: Homemaking Binder

I updated it last night and wanted to share some new additions I added to it. I have been writing all my bread baking recipes in the book, homemade laundry detergent, and other new ideas. This will be great to pass on to the children, mashaAllah I am looking forward to seeing what the year will look like. All the menus and journal writing.

How do you benefit from starting a homemaking binder?

After menu planning for a good few months, I look back and can easily say, next week I'm making some or all the meals from the week of such and such date mashaAllah it makes menu planning much easier! It gives me inspiration to pick something we enjoyed before and helps to give me ideas for the other weeks.

Record keeping- mashaAllah it's pretty cool to see how many new DIY projects we made. Homemade toothpaste recipes and homemade cloth diaper detergent. I think down the road our family will be able to share it with each other inshaAllah and use it as a reference.

Now the new additions in the homemaking binder:

Weekly memorization goals- yes mashaAllah this is truly needed, how, when and what surah am I working on for the week or next few weeks. The ayats I need to memorize each day and so on mashaAllah helps me keep track of what Surah I am learning.

Journal time- mashaAllah when it is time to look back on the day, what did I learn? What would I like to accomplish tomorrow God willing? Well theres a new space in the binder for that.

Budgets- Way to keep track of what our monthly/weekly expenses are and bills that need to be paid etc.

Recipes- Printed out recipes or recipes from the magazines/ coupons etc has pocket space in the binder

Homeschool lessons- I combined my lesson plan book in my binder and that will serve as great record keeping mashaAllah

Do you have a binder? If so leave a link below! Would love to see it inshaAllah


  1. As salaamu alaykum,
    Nice post! Last year, I re-did my kitchen binders. I wrote about it on my blog--lots of photos of the old and new.

    BTW, my whole blog is in the form of letters to my little future homemakers. Hope you check it out.


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