Once Upon A Eid.... at the home of Team Rahim!

It's just so awesome inshaAllah gives us just what we need, when we need it.
And with Once Upon A Eid, the timing could not have been more perfect!
We were wondering about how we would decorate this year, and we were blessed with the opportunity to review these wonderful decorations from a beautiful online store called Once Upon A Eid! The website is here!

 It's so important that we get our children excited about the blessed month of Ramadan. Before decorating we talked about what Ramadan means and why it's so important.
The boys, my husband and I ..opened the box together and got super excited ! Wrapped beautifully, just enhanced our Ramadan decorating excitement mashaAllah alhamdulilah! I'm really thankful we were blessed with this opportunity to review such a great way to bring extra excitement in our home.

Why is decorating important?

1.) we are making memories
2.) getting the children involved at home
3.) showing them that because they aren't fasting, doesn't mean they can't take part in Ramadan 
4.) creating traditions that can be passed on
5.) and Ramadan is only once a year... Do it exciting, do it fun, and do it together

Lights, banners, decorations for many occasions mashaAllah! Take time to please support this wonderful sisters business and really, I'm thankful that this is available for us!

 We are doing more decorations alhamdulilah... Ramadan countdown to Eid, lanterns from the ceiling, balloons and hanging up our Ramadan artwork inshaAllah!

What are you doing to welcome Ramadan in your home?


  1. MashaAllah Allahumma Baarik. The picture of you and family is lovely. Wonderful blog btw. Lots of things I can appreciate al hamdulillah.


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