My Week In Homemaking- Dirty Dishes, Crocheting, Lessons Learnt

Alhamdulilah we are nearing the end of the week, thank Allah for seeing another week and all the blessings that came along with it.

Speaking of blessings, I thought about the dirty dishes, the sweeping of floors and I used to call them chores, duties, task...all those words have such a strict, not so soft -sound to it.

I decided to call my household responsibilities household blessings. It has a much better feel to it and it takes on a new meaning.

So there.. I had a lot n my list to accomplish in way of my household blessings.

Dirty dishes does not sound so much like a burden, and neither does my every day sweeping.  I have to get my blessings in order for the coming weeks inshaAllah.. sometimes we can become so overwhelmed with our blessings we began to feel like we have a heavy load on us. How do you manage those household blessings? I started a schedule maybe a week ago and it has helped, some days I'm ahead and some days I am behind, but it helps to remind me of what I need to accomplish by the end of the day.

Count your blessings, not burdens

I have been talking on facebook about my crocheting..subhanAllah what a test in my patience but I am determined to get it right. It is really enjoyable but something I am learning all over again

Lessons I learnt this week:

Like minded companions are rare, I bet everyone in the world thinks it would be great to have a friend who shares similar views that is a spiritual and a wonderful friend..some of us have them and some of us don't but we always can turn to Allah for everything

Want a friend that listens? Allah hears our every word and prayer
Want a friend to call? You can call on Allah any time
Want a friend to give advice? Allah gives the best guidance
Want a friend who will always be there? Allah is always there for us
Want to vent? Allah has the answer for our issues, concerns and fears

When you have a relationship with Allah,  your heart is at ease and longing for outside of that is no are then content and happy with whatever Allah decrees

Another lesson is how to be a more attentive wife.. do you listen? Really listen? Your husband is talking about his day, and how do you respond "uh huh...*typing* yeah....sounds...what was that again?" or are you actively engaging him and truly seeking to enjoy in his pleasure and excitement to make it your own as well?

I took time to reflect on this...hubby took the children out and now I am thinking and asking myself these questions,

Challenge: Actively listen to your husband, ask questions, and seek to have genuine interest in what he is saying.


  1. Mondays are "weekly home blessing" days here. All hands on deck, everything gets washed, wiped, changed, you name it. I have hard wood floors so sweeping is a must. But I stopped calling them chores a while ago. Now I have routines. Little clusters of thing I do together at certain times. Like taking out the trash and turning the compost or putting away laundry and making beds.


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