Homemade Apron

I just started baking a couple months ago and I love it. We have been enjoying homemade bread that we  have not bought store bread in months! Yay! alhamdulilah very happy about that.

Needless to say all this baking has been getting flour on my clothes. I needed an apron. I looked online for one and the prices were just too much for me! At 7 months pregnant there was no getting around getting flour on me.

On Traditional Muslimah Homemaker's facebook page one of the sisters mentioned about making one. I thought that was a pretty cool idea! But I am not so good at sewing etc.

I decided to challenge myself and make one... using a nice old skirt I cut it into two pieces ... now this apron can be just a top or a bottom. I used ribbon to tie it at the top and bottom. This requires some light sewing on my end to keep the ribbon in place for the bottom half.

Alhamdulilah now I have an apron!! All I have to do now is do a little extra trimming and light sewing then it will be fully finish.

Though I did wear it around the house already spinning in circles LOL :)

Do I feel like baking? yes I sure do! mashaAllah


  1. as-salamu aleykum,

    this is the most beautiful and feminine apron i have ever seen Allah barek! You did a good job mashAllah, how can you say you are not good at sewing?

    (the sister who doesn't like to wash by hand!)

    1. Wa alaykumslaam LOL Yusra your post puts a smile on my face (doesn't like washing by hand)thank you so much for your kind words mashaAllah... I am not good at sewing.. I'm such a newbie beginner, maybe you have some tips for me!

  2. As-salamu aleykum dear Ameera,

    AlhamduliLlah i made you smile! That makes me smile in return!

    The best would be to sew together to learn quickly.
    But i'm quit sure that you are miles away from me(I made Hidgra to North-Africa)...
    If ever you could manage to attend a course, you could learn better and faster than alone with the net.
    That is how i learned sewing.
    And the burda patterns also learned me, if you take easy patterns and follow just word for word what is said you learn very much.

    I found an interesting site of a pakistani sister in UK
    who gives online courses, maybe this could be interesting for you? But you would have to pay ( not much i think...)


    don't take attention to the pictures, there are actually more modest models teached!

    You have a daughter mashAllah: the site above shows you also how to create princess garments out of scraps mashAllah!

    But i insist: you sew very well Allah barek!

    salamu aleykum



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