5 Ways To Love Your Husband MORE

I had to blow the dust off the blog tonight, as I only write when I am feeling inspired. SubhanAllah, tonight feels like a good night to share a few thoughts on the blog.

How can you, love your husband more?

1.) Speak words that will uplift his spirit. I remember when I would be feeling nervous, and anxious about some event, and my husband (may Allah have mercy on him, ameen) would say encouraging words, that made me feel like the most confident woman in the world. We have the ability to be that voice of encouragement in our mates lives. What mountains we cannot move, when our spouse speaks life into our being! Through out the day, speak to your mate in a way that will help them be better. 

2.) Put your love into action: Yes you can say "I love you" all day long, but adding to that by doing loving gestures, show and prove what we feel inside. Surprising our spouse by writing a love note, or sending a loving text, adds a little more joy to their days. In a world where there is tension, test, and other matters.... how refreshing is it to see a nice gesture of love from our spouse? A few ways you can show more love through the day:

* Write love notes

* Call just because
* Send a loving text

* Surprise your spouse with a lunch date
* Make his favorite meal
* Give him a card
* Put together a little gift (think teddy bear)

* Send a video to his phone with a loving message

3.) Pray with your husband- A closeness with Allah, brings you and your spouse closer together and increases the love for one another and sets the tone in the home for a more spiritual and God conscious home.  Praying with my husband (may Allah have mercy on him, ameen) is one of my fondest memories. After prayer we would sit together and dhikr, he would pull out his tafsir and read to me. At that time he would also teach me a new duaa, or work on the one he was teaching me. Praying with my husband, increased my love for him, because we are here to not only help each other in this world, but we are also here to help each other be in good standing in the next. That is part of loving your spouse, that love... makes you want for them to get close to Allah and you love to be a part of helping them in that.

4.) Love him HIS way- take interest in what he likes and join him in it. Some husbands are into sports and they would love for their wife to join in on something that they enjoy. When we can connect with our spouse on the things that interest them, it shows that we care, we want to understand and be part of what brings them joy. If your husband likes to go fishing, plan a romantic fishing date. Yes you can make that romantic! If he loves to go camping, or hiking, plan to join him in it and inshaAllah he will be happy to have his best friend, the love of his life, by his side. My husband (may Allah have mercy on him ameen) would always get excited when I would sit in the room with him and watch his favorite movie. His eyes would light up and he would say "You're in here with me!" and I would reply "Yep, going to watch this movie with you." and he would have the biggest smile on his face mashaAllah alhamdulilah. Really a lot of times it is the simple things like that, that makes a big difference in our spouses life.

5.) Touch him- how easy and simple is this? A hug through out the day, when he first enters the home, or when he leaves for work. Holding hands and taking each moment to simply touch, creates a closeness and fosters the love that is already there. How often do we go through the day and we have not once hugged our spouse? Don't allow your mate to be "touch deprived" as my late husband would say. There is nothing like at the end of the day, when you are tired and have done so much, that your spouse gives you a hug, that melts away all the troubles of the day. Never take for granted how beneficial a simple touch can be.

As we are blessed, to have someone in our life that God has blessed us with. It is important that we show and give thanks to Allah for the gifts He has given. Though my husband has passed away, I reflect on ten years of marriage and all the joys we had and the lessons I have learned, in prayers that others may benefit and truly put more effort into loving their spouse today.

~Ameera Rahim


  1. Assalamu alaikum sister...May Allah bless your husband and make it easy for him in the hereafter..may Allah surround you and your family with blessings and His mercy...am a fan of your blog..you are such an inspiration


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