A Decade Defined

SubhanAllah, God truly knew what was in store for me when I met my husband 10 years ago. When my husband met me, I was not the woman I am now, I was not always the happy homemaker, I was not immersed  into service, I was not Traditional Muslimah Homemaker. So how can I define a decade of marriage? I want to share ten ways.. not in any particular order.

1. Growth: SubhanAllah, I look back and can honestly say, God has blessed me to learn more about numerous things and it has helped me grow.  The woman I was and the woman I am now are totally different, mashaAllah, but I am aware that the woman I was, was open to growing and becoming who I am now. In ten years of marriage I have learned that everything I have been hit with... test, and life changes, was all in preparation for me to become a better person subhanAllah. In growing, I know that God sends people to aid you in your growth, I am a firm believer that my husband was sent to teach me and alhamdulilah mashaAllah , his caring, kindness, patient and loving demeanor helped bring out some of my good qualities.

2. Patience: Whoa subhanAllah, marriage is a test in your patience. Some days its not all roses and some days the storm seems to the last for days and weeks. But if you are patient you smell the fragrant smell of roses and see rainbows after the storm. There are blessings in lessons and the prayer is that God shows us the lesson we need to learn and give us patience to go through it.  In ten years of marriage, it required us to have patience with one another as we learned about each other and handled the difficult moments together.

3. Faith: When the marital road seems shakey and you're ready to hop out at the next light, you have to have faith that God will get you and your spouse through it. Faith ..believing that God is there and He will not abandon you and that His way and will is what's best. Having faith that God is in control and taking matters to Him, is just one of the lessons I am still learning and over the years, it has been that faith that has helped me in many moments where I thought I'd crumble.

4. Fun: Taking a trip down memory lane and I am grateful for all our fun filled family moments and sounds of laughter and faces of joy are imprinted in my heart. For every tough moment, there's an abundance of un happy ones. From sharing family jokes, and going out together. Fun is truly one of the words I use to define what life has been like for a decade with Team Rahim. It's so important for us to constantly remember the good times and events in our marriages that make it so wonderful. It's not all bad, all the time, and we should focus more on the good and strive for good!

5. Romance:   mashaAllah, the perks of marriage ! Allah blesses us with a spouse to love and to enjoy personal time with. Holding hands and increasing the love by saying loving words, subhanAllah what a blessing. In this day and age many people are longing for companionship and how blessed are we to have that on a daily basis! SubhanAllah, we need more love, and we are blessed to have someone to love.

6.  Service:  subhanAllah! To serve, aid, assist, and be there for our spouse. Yes in ten years of marriage one of the things I am constantly reminded of is that we have to be about service. When our spouse isn't well, we are there to assist and help them get well, we are here to be of service, give the best of ourselves, and do what we can to make our home life and the lives around us easier.  In ten years I learned more about being able to truly serve my spouse and how important it is. Marriage is a selfless journey, it cannot grow if you are only concerned about yourself and your own needs and wants. Marriage requires service :)

7.  Support: Supporting our spouses in their dreams and goals. Being instrumental in being the voice of support and encouragement. God can use us to be an encouraging word that is needed for our spouse to really get motivated and God can use us to support our spouse in their endeavors. Sometimes life can be a bit overwhelming and sometimes we can almost feel like giving up. How much of a mercy it is to have someone that believes in you and supports you? Marriage without support from one another is a marriage that won't stand for long. Buildings need support. In order to build your marriage you need to support each other. Or marriages, like buildings can crumble without support.

8. Dedication:  dedicated to the commitment we made, dedicated to being there and dedicated to living the life God is pleased with. God calls us to fulfill our purpose and part of our purpose is to keep our marriages together and to strive to live in peace with our spouse. dedicated to honoring the blessing and gift that is marriage in true goodness and beauty.

9. Gratitude: how easy do we forget the good, the romance and the fun? Sometimes in marriage we can forget all the bright sides and lose sight of what makes marriage so awesome. Having gratitude changes ones attitude. Gratitude is part of the key to happy marriages and happy homemaking. Grateful for someone to love, grateful for homes, looking at it as a blessing and not a burden. Gratitude is such an important factor in marriage... in life!!! Its a grateful heart that  God loves for us to have.

10. TEN FOR THE WIN!!!! a decade defined ..feels like a win to me!! we are here subhanAllah and we made it this far alhamdulilah! I am thankful and grateful ..may we continue to all grow and do things for His glory. May we continue to be of service, and uphold our commitment to our spouse and to our families, may He give us continued strength and increase our love for our spouses, and always His constant guidance. For sure, we are all blessed in many ways. !!

SubhanAllah daily take time to write 10 things you are happy for, what in life is so great and reflect on it.


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