Focusing on Him in Our Daily Homemaking

As salamu alaykum!

I feel so motivated and inspired to be back on the blog. Allah is so great and so merciful! We should constantly keep Him in the focus of our daily homemaking! InshaAllah here are a few ways we can do that!

1.) Read His Book
The Quran is full of motivation, inspiration and His message for how he wants us to live. Take time to read His words daily to maintain that connection and find the ease He says you will have with His remembrance.

2.) Read The Prophet's Sunnah
He salAllahu alayhi wa salam is beloved to Allah. What did he do in his life that we can implement in our daily lives, to help keep our hearts and minds on Allah. Fasting, making the night prayer... Praying for our families, communities, and remember a virtuous quality in homemaking is being in constant prayer, so the night time prayer is a peaceful time to focus on Him.

3.) Dhikr as you work-
Make more effort to include more words, praising and glorifying Him! It can't hurt to add more SubhanAllah's Alhamdulilah's  in your daily speech... Remembering all glory and praise belongs to Him! He has truly blessed you. Food to eat, clothes on your back, screaming baby holding your leg yes... All worth praising Him about!

4.) When you speak and act consider what Allah would want -
Will He be pleased with what you're saying and doing? Our words and actions should be what He will be pleased with. This will help us in our daily conversations and dealings of the house. He doesn't want us to argue, use foul language, and neglect our blessings.

5.) Remember You are serving!
Yes yes yes!!! service is an awesome thing! You are being used to help His creation! You can't tell me that its not a big deal! How are you serving ? Our life is about service! We are nurturing, teaching, leading by example, by His permission healing (hearts and boo-boos) , feeding, and it's all amazing! Alhamdulilah you 're here with a purpose! He has entrusted you with precious gifts. Take care of them and do all you can gain more blessings daily. Remember there will be a day where we all wish we could have done more!


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