DIY Eczema Cream

Eczema cream that helps skin.
Made With:

Olive Oil
Coconut Oil
and if you like: rosemary oil (I did not have any)

Blend oatmeal until its like flour, we used the Ninja blender to get a good consistency with the oatmeal

Mix together oatmeal w.ith coconut oil, because coconut oil solidifies when it's cold, make sure to leave it out at room temp, add olive oil and mix all together. After we mixed everything up we put it in the fridge so it can harden and proceed to use. It feels very good!!

Why Oatmeal? Oatmeal has been used by our family for rashes and other skin ailments. Oatmeal when turned into a powder is known as colloidal oatmeal ... oatmeal is said to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-itch!

Coconut Oil: Antimicrobial is said to have properties that fight fungal infections, keeps skin soft and promotes healing.. has anti inflammatory properties and moisturizes the skin.

Olive Oil:  it penetrates deep into the skin and softens it. Olive oil is said to reduce inflammation and is natural, gentle and is said to hydrate skin.

There you have it!!! InshaAllah it will help others with eczema and dry skin. Use it as much as you like, its all natural made with 100% pure ingredients alhamdulilah!

Also I have read, in researching about eczema is that the key to helping eczema and preventing it is keeping the body hydrated, outside and inside. The creams used is half the part and the other half is keeping hydrated. SubhanAllah, I pray it helps other families, may Allah heal us all and make it a means of purification ameen!


  1. Hamdulillah I have been looking into homemade or natural eczema creams myself!

  2. Salam sister
    I love your blog mashallah it is very inspiring may Allah swt put barakah in it ameen jazzakumullah u khairan for sharing such a lovely cream i was wondering if you can please tell us how much of everything we need and what is the quantity we get out of it

  3. Assalamualaykum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatu, ما شاء الله sister amazing blog may Allah the Almighty reward you and bless u with a safe and easy pregnancy ameen!!! Xo

  4. Sounds wonderful.. I like to follow a recipe .. Can u please post proportions

  5. Jazaakumullahu khair for this!

  6. As Salaamu 'Alaykum! I know I am late to comment on this post. Another product I have good success with when dealing with my daughter's eczema is using Bentonite Clay mixed with coconut oil, acv, and distilled water. I applied it as a paste and left overnight and it really helped Ma Sha Allah!


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