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Love,d Cloth Diapers- Review, Thoughts, and Diapers

Alhamdulilah it's good to have some time this morning to write up a blog post. I have been busy with our move and homeschooling alhamdulilah but I'm excited to talk about our latest product review on Love,d cloth diapers.

Why are we using cloth diapers? 
1. Its good for the environment. Hmm 5 children... How much did i contribute to disposables in the landfill? I dont want to know.

2. We are saving money. 5 children, how much did we spend in the past!

3. Toxic free is the way to be. I read theres some cancer causing carcinogens in disposables, do i really want them on tahleels bum?

4. That wet bag makes me happy! Makes travel easier.

5. Another reason to use my washboard. Saving electricity im letting the sun dry them. Good natural whitener

But we really go into more detail in our book here: Diary Of A Cloth Diaper Muslimah Mama

SubhanAllah we were sent a lovely set for Tahleel, which included:
 size M polar fleece diaper cover in "ivory" a moisture resistant and breathable diaper cover
Size M pull up pant style diaper made with 2 thirsty layers or organic bamboo fleece and 100% cotton gray and white pattern
Size m/l 2 sized pocket fitted diaper with green snaps and top stitching 

One mashaAllah I really love how the diaper looks and feels, I think it is very well made, not shabby at all mashaAllah. It fit Tahleel very well which gave him a good fit around the legs area (nothing came out the sides of the diaper) and the snaps help with adjusting just in case he needed a looser or tighter fit.  

Alhamdulilah two,  as I mentioned the snaps, the great thing about this style of diapers is that it can adjust with your baby as he or she grows. Even if your child is a bit small the snaps can be tighten around the belly area. 

And three alhamdulilah the material is very nice mashaAllah!! Not flimsy and rough, but soft and breatheable material. I washed them several times and they still look new, not stiff, not rough, and it's holding up very well. Some people may be a bit turned off by WAHM products because they may expect it won't hold up as well as store brand since it's factory made, but mashaAllah I find that when I purchase products from WAHM's there is a lot of love, time, and quality you can see in their products, because they also use them themselves mashaAllah, 9 times out of 10 they know what to look for, they know what families are looking for, and they understand the investment people make when they purchase products. I found this with Love,d mashaAllah alhamdulilah. I purchased the baby carrier for the spring look and I love babywearing mashaAllah!!

MashaAllah and Love,d along with cloth diapers makes beautiful baby carriers! This one I love, the color is beautiful, it's not thick and carrying my son did not hurt my back mashaAllah, What a great way to step into spring, by wearing such a happy color and carrying Tahleel in it. He was comfortable, I was comfortable. Win Win!

Visit the shop online and share with your friends! Natural, hand made materials for moms and children. Dalecia takes time to make sure her products are well put together. I'm sure you won't be unsatisfied with what she has to offer mashaAllah!


  1. MashaAllah, the nappy looks really nice! The wrap is really funky, I wish I had something like that when my son was light enough for stretchy wraps.


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