Homemade Deodorant

I've been wanting to make deodorant for a long time mashaAllah. The commercial deodorants are bad for us and I have been looking for just the right homemade deodorant with easily assessable materials. 

Here is a simple deodorant that I personally believes works well, it did not stain my shirts, and smells good

Equal parts

Baking Soda and Cornstarch (arrowroot if you have it)
add Coconut Oil until it reaches a consistency you like
5 drops of tea tree oil.. or a cap full

It was simple and it works. I lined our muffin tin with muffin liners and put them in the fridge to solidify alhamdulilah mashaAllah and it came out great! I then put them in ziploc bags , labeled them and put them in the freezer or fridge, Only because with the weather getting warmer, coconut oil will turn back to a liquid. I have no problems getting mine out the fridge and putting it back in its bag after showers.

"“Women and fragrance have been made dear to my affections, but prayer was made the sweetness of my eyes.”-- Prophet Muhammad SalAllahu alayhi wa salaam


  1. MashaAllah tabarakaAllah mashaAllah mashaAllah mashaAllah :)
    These are all the words I can use here! YOU are everythin I ever wanted to be before marriage, and here I am 3 years after marriage with none of my plans n dreams comin to real life!
    I wanted to recycle, read Quran with hubby, bake my own bread, homeschool my baby, and so so much more, but done none of that!
    Why? Dunno! Maybe cuz of my husband's tough long workin hours, my baby getting sick all the time the first year and a half of her life, relocating to a place I have always disliked, so many reasons, but still, I cud have at least done a few of what I wnated.. Gosh, mashaAllah girl, you ROCK! May Allah bless you n yours with all the bliss in this life and the next, and I love you with all my heart dearie <3
    P.s. Can u guide me to at least raise my daughter in more of an islamic way? She's almost 2 years all, what programs do I let her watch? What books? What games? Sighs, I'm in desperate need of help here..

    1. Sara why do you say "I wanted" you CAN inshaAllah! It is not too late. Let's do it together, hey I need to recycle too and read more Quran with hubby! Are you ready to do this?! SubhanAllah I know how you feel, there is always test, bumps in the road that may seem like it is stopping us or blocking us from doing what we want, but we all have to learn to not let those test derail us, keep going on the path we intend and use our test as a means to strengthen us. AWWWWWWW your kind words really put a smile on my face mashaAllah mashaAllah alhamdulilah!!! Ameen ameen and may Allah continue to bless you and yours ameen!! ... I'm at your service so please allow me to help in any way i can within my means and limited knowledge :) I also blog here http://habeebeehomeschooling.wordpress.com come where i share books we have read, games and more

  2. Allahumma baarik, jazakillahu khair for sharing this recipe. I was wondering if i could use other kind of oils, such as olive oil.

  3. Hi There!

    I really enjoy this blog. I love the homemade natural beauty and cleaning product ideas!

    I have a homemaking blog myself over at modernishhomemaker.com. I am starting a new blog link up this coming Tuesday (6/17/13) and one of the things I hoped to have was women of different faiths and backgrounds who share an interest in homemaking. So many of the blog link ups I know of either focus purely on crafting or cooking, or are dominated by posts from conservative evangelical women (not that there is anything wrong with that) - but I hope my blog link up can bring some more diversity to the homemaking blog party scene. If you have any new posts, or even old posts you'd like to share - I'd love to see you at the link up next Tuesday!

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Hey Amy awesome!!! I will stop on by your blog and join the link ups!

  4. Ohh mashaAllah will try this one if I get round to it inshaAllah. I tend to use powders and just simply freshen up after I bus' a sweat!! lol I just like the 'naked' feel when it come to them hidden areas.


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