Keeper Of The Doormat

SubhanAllah, needed to come on tonight and share a few thoughts and realized I have not been the best at updating this blog.

Though we have added a few videos on our youtube channel. InshaAllah that has been a blessing. I'm quite shy but it does not appear that way

 First I want to say alhamdulilah this domestic darling was sent a beautiful apron from Umm Ayana of Ummi's House mashaAllah she has been such a blessing in my life!

A new apron is a wonderful feeling, my husband lovingly says "Some heroes tie their capes around their waist" <3 I think that is super cool

Well on my heart and mind tonight is thoughts of when someone called me a doormat. Yes a doormat...what should be and appear as a beautiful way to live-- happily homemaking, has sparked some unkind words at times. By no means am I a doormat, but I am keeper of the doormat. My duty is to keep away unwanted people and matters from entering our home and to also be welcoming and inviting to loved ones, friends and community.

Yes I am the keeper of the doormat and all else that I have been entrusted with,  and I have been entrusted by my husband to take care of our home and children. Alhamdulilah a position I will not complain about and it is one I am honored to be in. Alhamdulilah and so this is how Allah has made it.

Alhamdulilah it is taking me some time to realize and practice this: just because it may not be socially acceptable does not mean it's not acceptable to Allah. By far this is more important than the comments of those who do not appreciate the beautiful role of homemaking and the blessing it offers.

We are not to be walked on but we walk into the lives of others to be a delight, of service and kindness. No stepping on us... we step up our homemaking to a higher purpose...we do not abuse others or take abuse... but practice peace and positivity.... and give what we wish to receive as long as it pleases Allah

What I can do is offer much duaa for those who see homemakers as doormats and realize we are keepers of the doormat


  1. I sooo love your phrase 'Keeper of the doormat'.

  2. All praises due to Allah! I very much enjoy "The Traditional Muslimah Homemaker" so thank you all of the informative information, May Allah be pleased with your work. There is no way that you are a doormat! It is wonderful and pleasing to see a strong Muslim family and being a Housewife is such a blessing. I used to work in child care and there were so many women who would cry and feel guilty when dropping off and picking up their child(ren)wishing they could stay home with their babies. It is a blessing for you to be with your family and may Allah bless you all.

  3. Good for you for taking the high road and taking an unprovoked criticism and turning in into a valuable lesson for everyone, masha'Allah! Homemaking is an art, and prioritizing ones husband and children should never be devalued.

  4. seriously, i don't always agree with you BUT..I am in charge (while mike is away) to protect my home. And NO ONE is allowed to step on my doormat that is not welcome and does not bring peace and love. Janet martin knows all about this as I am going thru a lot to protect my family recently. YOu are doormat, please, ..... The things I'd want to say to stand up for you! Keep on keeping on!


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