Classy Feminine Homemaking

I read this wonderful article on homemaking and adding personal touches to enhance your homemaking attire. I must admit pearls and an apron are classy, but I do not own any pearls! Besides, I wanted something different and special. A friend of mine on facebook crochets and she made these wonderful hijab pins. (Aqilah Crochet)

I bought a few, looking to update my homemaking and hijab attire. MashaAllah they came in the mail and added so much beauty and feminine class to my every day look. While they weren't pearls, they were much better mashaAllah. Beautiful handmade flowers in beautiful colors. I put my hair up, put on my apron and clipped the flower in my hair. I personally felt like the prettiest homemaker ever, I didn't look frumpy and messy while cleaning. I looked fantastic and classy while cleaning least thats how I felt!

If you are ever bored with your homemaking, add extra to it. I find that sisters who go the extra mile, get extra excited about homemaking and those who don't usually won't.

You can get bored day in and day out doing the same thing, the same way, and it can then become lifeless, and not so...exciting

It's amazing what one little crochet flower can do, a pretty apron (homemade), and changing the style of your hair can do for you and for your family. MashaAllah the children and hubby loved it and it was nice to do something different

In our homemaking we should make it exciting ..try new meals the whole week, decorate, make desserts you never tried before and watch how you feel afterwards.

Changing up my look a little, did a lot for me mashaAllah. I love my flowers and wear them every time I go out and often times when I am in the house.

How do you add class to your homemaking? Is it a pair of earrings, how you wear your hair, or the kind of clothes you wear? If you don't then inshaAllah it would be really good to do something new.


  1. salaams sister, happy to find your blog. this article is so true...the more you put into homemaking the better it gets. I have some homemaking / crafting projects on my blog too... :)Jazaak Allahu Khairan.


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