The Rahmah of Raha Soaps!

Alhamdulilah my family was blessed the past week to receive our package of hand made soaps from Raha Soaps!

Okay I must admit that even the box (before I opened it) smelled so good mashaAllah.

What fits my homemaking heart and living is that Raha Soaps are homemade, and hand made. Each soap takes a lot of time (about 3-6 weeks) to make, but each bar is made with patience and love. Love of making soaps and love of giving their customers natural, great quality, and wonderful soaps. How can you not love that?

I opened the package on the train and there were quite a few wonderful smells:

Ginger Lime Coconut
Turkish Coffee
and Sweet Orange Patchouli which is My husband's favorite one.

I enjoyed their soaps so much that I have decided to buy them on a regular bases inshaAllah. I used the chamomile soap on the children at night, for their night time bath. They loved the smell, so much so that I had to hide the bar from them, because they constantly wanted to smell and use it!

Alhamdulilah I ordered some soap for my over night bag in May. Since I am due with my fifth child then, I would love to have some nice items in my bag to relax me and make me feel good.

I really think it is important to feel good and smell good. Smelling good has a lot to do with my mood. You must admit that certain scents can change how you feel. Even with my pregnancy my nose has become more sensitive and so having pleasant smells around me helped a lot.

Raha Soaps surely lives up to its name (serenity) in every bar!
Please check out their website and support their wonderful business, you won't be disappointed mashaAllah.

Thanks to Raha Soaps Website for allowing Traditional Muslimah Homemaker to review their great soaps.

Facebook: Raha Soaps


  1. I have got to try the Turkish Coffee! My husband simply loves the smell, taste and pick-me-up of Turkish coffee. For myself and the children, Lavender and Chamomile. I love the idea of using the Chamomile for night time baths!

  2. Why did I think you have four children? Wow, have I been wrong all of this time. What a great article!

  3. i tried to go to their website but the link does not work:(...

  4. The link for Raha soaps doesn't work anymore:(

  5. The link doesn't work for me:(

    Have u ever made your own soap? I cam across a book called "Making It" about making different homemade things and it has a way to make soap in your blender.

  6. I wanna make the bar soap, soap in general but i have to get over the word "lye" and then maybe conquer the fear of lye itself lol


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