A Joyful Wife

Funny how in your home the simplest thing can remind you of something so meaningful and special.

My household blessings began a little earlier than usual, at about 3 a.m. and even then I was telling myself how we should sacrifice for our families, sleep included.

Loving them and taking care of them has it's rewards and whether we see them now or later, we must know they do exist alhamdulilah

I went to wash my dishes this morning and sometimes I might be super tired, or ready to sit down but this morning was pretty different. I never paid attention to the dish detergent until this morning and saw it was called Joy...  I wonder why they named it Joy.. is it because they want people to be happy to wash dishes, feel a sense of gratitude to have dishes to wash, or could it be taking Joy in taking care of your family. How about all those things!

That's what I got out of my bottle of Joy, and some clean dishes to match alhamdulilah. I decided to keep the bottle, it's nearly empty but I am keeping it as a reminder and inshaAlah I will fill it with some homemade detergent.
InshaAllah I will show more joy in washing my dishes, grateful that minutes before, we were blessed to have a meal..made by my hands that Allah provided for us...and be joyful that they ate happily and were fed another day.

There are others in the world that would trade places with us and would gladly have dishes to wash as a "consequence" of eating a meal.

Are we taking joy in our household blessings? 

"Abundance of worldly wealth is not richness of happiness, the real richness of happiness lies in contentment" (Hadith Muslim)


  1. Al hamdulillah, great post! I was just thinking to myself today (well internally complaining). I had to correct the action from within and remind myself that "the grass is always greener on the other side". There is always someone somewhere who wishes they could be in my shoes, so I should always say al hamdulillah and be happy for what I have been blessed with. May Allah swt give us the strength and patience to be the best daughters, wives, and mothers that we can be; not to be like someone else, but to always do our own individual best.

    1. Yaa Salaam, May allah (swt) shower you good health, long life, ever increasing faith in him, wisdom and all that you desire. truely you are a blessing to the entire ummah, a true model you are.

  2. mashaAllah sister, we all complain doing chores, but subhanAllah this is really what we should know -


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