Holistic Homemaking

Pregnancy aches and pains, from lower back pain to round ligament pain, I have experienced both during my pregnancies and now with baby 6 on the way (please make duaa for safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery), we decided to do a natural method for dealing with it. I made a nice rice compress. I mixed rice with my favorite essential oil,  you can pick any kind you want, I enjoy the smell of lemongrass .. ginger oil smells good and lavender too. I sewed my fabric together first, leaving the top open to pour the rice in and then sewed it shut.

 I sewn it together by hand mashaAllah and you can either put it in the microwave and make it hot or put it in the freezer and make it cold. It does not have to be in the microwave for a long time. The essential oil smells wonderful and relaxing while taking care of the pain, remember to say bismillah and always remember that Allah is the Ultimate Healer so saying the duaa for healing and using these methods have helped me so far during this pregnancy alhamdulilah


  1. MashaAllah I'm not pregnant but inshaAllah Will keep it in mind.

  2. May Allah give you a healthy pregnancy and delivery ya Ameerah, aameen! BTW if Allah blesses you with a girl this time it would be great to call her Tasneem, it would match so good with the other names : )


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