Milling Our Own Flour

Alhamdulilah we have been milling our own flour off and on for a couple months
I rather enjoy the process of milling the flour and watching the wheat berries turn into the flour we use for our bread.

In the picture we milled some brown rice, made it into flour and then made bread with it alhamdulilah it was different, taste a lot like cornbread in my opinion.

They say one of the benefits of milling your own flour is one, you can ehance it however you like. For us we use flaxseed, while it is whole and then combine it with the wheat berries, to have a whole wheat flax seed combination mashaAllah.
Sometimes if we are making homemade crust you can mill the wheat berries with whole cloves into a fine .. autumn smelling and tasting flour. Alhamdulilah that's one of the nice things about milling the flour.
Even though we enjoy getting 100% whole wheat flour from our grocery store and Whole Foods, we have read that even that flour the germ is removed from it. Removing the germ is said to help the flour have a longer shelf life, where as keeping the germ and milling it, it can go bad in a couple days.
Another interesting thing is, milling your own flour is not expensive, as the cost of rice and oatmeal are not expensive and if you are going gluten free, there is no gluten in oatmeal and rice. It's not time consuming or a burden to grind some for when you need it, at least not to me mashaAllah.
It's good to mill just enough for what you need so you do not waste any by it going bad! My sister in law gave us a lot of wheat berries recently, and another neat thing about wheat berries is the ability to grow them into sprouts, sounds good in a salad or sandwich right? mashaAllah
Whether we will venture in completely milling our own flour, i know its been a nice experience. We have made almond butter and inshaAllah we plan to turn our garlic, tumeric and coriander into powders inshaAllah
Maybe in a week or so we will try milling oatmeal and making a bread with it inshaAllah to see if we like it much better than wheat.
we are using a nutribullet to mill our flour. It was a blessing to recieve it as a gift from my mom in law. Not only does it mill flour, it also turns veggies and fruits into juice mashaAllah. Alhamdulilah it has helped us more in making our foods healthier.


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