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Timeless Qualities Of A Woman

 (Written two years ago/updated recently)  It's been awhile since I have been inspired to blog. It is refreshing to write and share some of my thoughts with you all! I pray you all are well and happy. This morning, I was thinking about my mother. Today is her birthday and I thought about the qualities I saw growing up, that I inherited and embraced in my life. I would say these are timeless qualities, because no matter if it's my mother's generation or my own--- there are qualities that are timeless and needless to say, still much needed in our homes and society. Qualities that we, as women should strive to bring out of ourselves and implement in our lives. My message on Facebook today about my mother:  " Happy birthday to my mother, the epitome of divinely given femininity, strength, timeless class and wisdom.   I’ve learned so much from you.  You did so much for me and my siblings …. Sacrificed so much…. I’m forever thankful and it’s your teachings and motherly guida

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