The Movie Fatherhood (Spoilers)


Greetings everyone,

It's been a long time since I've written anything. I had to write about the movie Fatherhood, starring Kevin Hart.

Of course this movie was relatable on so many levels. I laughed, I cried, and it did have some triggers for those who lost a spouse.

The movie showed the different aspects of grieving and also the things father face as single men.

Grieving is not one size fits all, some people are ready to date (In our case marry) within a year, some much later, and then there are some who decide to carry on in their life journey alone. When talking to someone who is grieving, please remember the timelines vary from person to person.

I am five years without my late husband (rahimahullah) and I remember seeing people who loss their spouse, getting married and they had only been a widow in less time than I had. I remember being puzzled and thinking that something was wrong with me. Why am I still grieving so much? Why can't I move on? Why is grieving hurting me physically so much and everyone is just fine?

Truth is, you never know what another grieving person is going through in their homes, or in their minds. Instead of measuring my grieving time to everyone else's, I had to remind myself that every individual has their own experience. It doesn't make mine wrong or right-- it just is.

The movie goes through the story of Matt a widower with a newborn baby to raise. He goes through the trials of being a new parent, a colicky baby, lack of sleep, and so much more. I felt for him as the people in his life doubted his ability to raise his daughter. 

A strong support system for a grieving person is so crucial. Though his mother and mother in law wanted Matt to move closer to them for the support, his mother in law told him that he couldn't do it. Granted raising a child on your own isn't the easiest but add grieving and striving to navigate through that is double the task. Watching the movie, I wanted to be Matt's friend and help. 

I can kind of relate. When Idris (rahimahullah) passed, our youngest son had just turned one. He was still very young and breastfeeding. I had to go through a lot on my own with my six sons.

I was rooting for Matt through the movie, from the first day of school, to his first date after the death of his wife it was really an emotional rollercoaster for me, but refreshing to see on screen someone like me in some ways. Of course it's not real but well written that made a woman like me go through all the feels.

It is a really good movie. I did cheer for him on his first date! It's scary and exciting to find love again and the complex emotions one goes through at the process.

What we also see is the little girl going through the moments of not having a mom to tuck her in and her dad going out and then finally meeting his girlfriend. 

There was different dynamics to this movie that are all real and it was definitely not a fantasy. I enjoyed it. Quite healing in some ways. It's okay to love again, it's okay to grieve at your own pace, and it's okay admit you don't know what you're doing all the time.

Good movie, I highly recommend.


  1. I watched this movie recently and I enjoyed it just as much as you did (although of course I couldn’t relate to it on a personal level like you). I think it seems to be realistic as it’s based on a true story.

  2. So happy to see a post from you.
    May Allah grant you a life of ease and happiness.
    Always enjoy your blog, hope to see more on your blog in-shaa-Allah.
    Remember us in your duaas


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