DIY Gummy Bears

We have been wanting to make gummy bears for a long time. Alhamdulilah a few simple ingredients and gummy bear molds, we were able to make our own gummy bears. A quick and easy way to have gummy bears, and you can add your own vitamins too.

They were delicious and easy to make
1 cup of fruit juice (we used 100% cherry and also used lemon juice too)
8 tsps beef gelatin  ( The Better Kosher Gelatin  )
2 tbs honey (I only used one tbs and was fine with how it tasted, if you do not want to use honey (because you may not want to warm it) you can also use stevia, and we still liked how it turned out too with the stevia)
It is up to you to add the vitamin of your choice.. I added probiotics (you do not have to use it)

It is totally easy mashaAllah you basically lightly warm ingredients together until the gelatin dissolves... at the end add vitamins or probiotic (I waited until it was cool enough, to add the probiotics, you do not want the heat to kill them, so I really pushed the limit in waiting until it was cool enough to add) and then quickly use your droppers and put the mix in the gummy bear molds, and then put it in the freezer for about 10 minutes inshaAllah. It was such a hit with the children and really took no time to make mashaAllah!

It is great because you can also mix it up, mix different juices together and come up with pretty awesome combinations.

InshaAllah, I think we will make these more often. Pretty simple and delicious. I think the one tbs of honey was sufficient enough for sweetness in my opinion and the children did not think it was too sweet or too tart mashaAllah.

Gummy bear molds, we purchased them on Amazon mashaAllah and it was just enough for the recipe. There were three in the pack mashaAllah with droppers.


--Ameera R.


  1. Assalamu alaikum sister... How are you doing? Write soon.. We're missing you

  2. Aoa wr wb, this looks like an amazing recipe! I definitely need to try it =)

  3. Assalamu alaikum. Thanks for this recipe i hope to make theses soon for my little one and of course myself.

  4. Beautiful, maa shaa Allah. Jazak ALlahu khayr for sharing.


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