DIY Herbal Windchimes

Herbal Windchimes 

We love herbs and our family has been learning and working with them a lot.  Have you been to our herbal shop online? MashaAllah alhamdulilah it's pretty awesome!!!

Our older three boys (8,7, and 5) have been extra interested and very involved in making Salves, lip balm and more. Homeschooling has consisted of herbal knowledge and let's just say… it's been a hit in our home. I really want the children to learn and pass on this wonderful knowledge along with learning Qur'an and duaas ... Spiritual healing and physical and emotional healing are all connected and if one area suffers it effects the others.

Not only do we love herbs we also love canning our homemade jellies and jam. We have so many mason jar rings that they came in handy for our herbal windchimes. Beautiful smells of chamomile and lavender with beautiful yellow dandelions and golden calendula graced our chimes… fresh green plantain, leaves from yellow wood sorrel and mint made this an aromatherapy and artsy experience.

The children smelled their windchimes as they sprinkled herbs and talked about the different healing properties of the herbs we used. Chamomile and lavender for relaxation, yarrow for nosebleeds, plantain for mosquito bites and calendula for skin etc 

Light breeze makes them clink and memories are blown in our minds and settled in our hearts.

To make this
Use various herbs
Different size jar rings
Contact paper

Put the rings on the contact paper and trace them
Have your child place the herbs in the circles and then cut them out and place the contact paper in the rings tie string to it and tie to the stick.
At the end use a big string to tie to each end of the stick so it can be hung up outside or inside as wall decoration.


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