The Early Muslimah Gets The Barakah: Benefits of Rising Early

I read a beautiful Proverbs this morning that said: Proverbs 31:15 “She gets up while it is still dark; she provides food for her family and portions for her servant girls.”

I rolled out of bed this morning while it was still dark and started my daily task, bread making being one of them. I won't even touch my ingredients until I have prayed, this me time is also one that begins my spiritual state of the day, Fajr.

Bread making is something that I like to call my me time, I enjoy it so much and so it is best for me to do it while the house is still sleeping.

The blessings of getting up in the middle of the night is not only personal time for yourself but personal time with your Lord.
Allah Almighty says, "And stay awake for prayer during part of the night as a supererogatory action for yourself. It may well be that your Lord will raise you to a Praiseworthy Station," (17:79) and the Almighty says, "Their sides eschew their beds," (32:16) and the Almighty says, "The part of the night they spent asleep was small." (51:17)

Allah speaks of the believers leaving their beds, I know it is hard for many of us to wake up out of a peaceful sleep to walk onto the cold floor and make wudu and pray. But, How much more peaceful our hearts and souls would be for pleasing our Lord? 

I used to get up at 11 p.m. (I know...I know...) but alhamdulilah my life has become much better by waking up earlier. Here are some ways you can benefit:

  • Personal time with your Lord: There is nothing more peaceful than a quiet house, prayer being made, and time to reflect and make duaa. Spend this time reading Quran, memorizing a new ayat, or listen to recitation
  • Preparation- Prepare for the day if you have not prior to, what do you need to get accomplished? What errands do you need to run? what lessons are you going over for the day? what meals are you making? Ask yourself these things and plan what you are going to do to accomplish it
  • Personal time- I use my early morning hours to do things I cannot usually enjoy in the middle of the day such as applying henna, it takes time to dry and it is perfect time to do that when the kids are sleeping, no rush to cook, clean, or do anything that requires much work. Write in your journal, check your emails, blog,  or have that long uninterrupted shower.
  • Quality time- Spending time with your husband, praying together, reading Qurn, sharing a memory before he goes off to work and just being in each others presence is much needed especially after having children. When I make bread in the morning, I have the pleasure of being at my husband side, he may be working on a project and talking to me while I am making bread. It feels good to be able to have that adult time.
  • Get ahead- Knock out those chores that you cannot do when children are awake, like mopping for instance. Make meals ahead of time and clean up before the children wake up, you will find that you have gotten much done before they woke up and can easily put your focus on the children, without neglecting the house
  • Exercise- Whether you do walking, yoga in your living room or another exercise in the house, this is a good way to get your energy up, feel good and have a go get em attitude. 
Baby steps is part of the key, if you wake up at 10 every day, try aiming for a little earlier the next morning and keep going until you stay up after Fajr. Some of us make fajr and go back to bed, but trust me in the long run you will see a difference in your life when you get up early!


  1. I loved your post!! What GREAT info you shared with us. I love hearing others talk about what they do in the morning time to get their day started. Thanx for the wonderful post. :)

    1. Alhamdulilah mashaAllah thanks Angel for reading, sorry so late for responding!

  2. Great post! I agree that staying up after fajr is a key ingredient to having a well run home. I have struggled with this for years but this school year I have finally been able to do it consistently:-)

  3. Thanks for your post I have really been strugling to get my life together after I had my baby. I have been on autopilot but I feel that everyday is just the same I don't really get much done. I need to get back to my Islamic studies, work outs, new recipes etc, sewing etc. I will try to stay up after Fajr Insha Allah.

  4. This is very nice, Alhumduillah... good advice

  5. It has always been a battle to wake up early for many of us but once we've established the routine it is so much easy to wake up and pray Fajr and start the day right.


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